Nico Wines began in 2008 with a couple tons of Dolcetto from Russian River Valley and a dream (How many wine websites start their story like this, minus the Dolcetto? Pretty much all of them.). Kevin Rogers founded Nico because he wanted to make the kind of wine that he wanted to drink.  And perhaps others would want to drink as well.

Prior to beginning Nico, Kevin worked for the Man. The Man wanted new oak, full malolactic, 27 brix sugar levels, and mass appeal.  In exchange for this soul crushing work, Kevin received a steady paycheck and benefits.  He came to realize it wasn’t worth it. Ergo, Nico.  The mere fact that you are reading this, enlightened consumer, shows not just that you are not one of the sheeple of the world of wine, but also possess some modicum of taste. Thank you for being capable of independent thought.  You’re more than welcome here. But, I digress–back to our story. So Kevin formed Nico in 2008, named it for a combination of family references…ma’s name is Nicolina, family roots back to Nicosia, Sicily…you get the picture. And, Italian varietals.  See how it all comes together?

Stylistically, the focus of the wines has been high acid, low alcohol, single vineyard wines. So that you can hopefully taste the place, the grapes, the people who farm it (well maybe not them, that would be weird), and enjoy a hand crafted product.  As opposed to most of the “manufactured wine based beverages” that are on most shelves around the nation. Anyway, cheers. And if you have any questions, shoot an email to Kevin.  He’ll  probably even answer it.