Fiano Press

2012 FIANO

“Fiano is an Italian variety, rarely grown in California. In this case it has produced an interesting wine. It feels midway in weight between Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. Unoaked with a medium-bodied mouthfeel, it’s bright with citrus fruits, honey and a fleshiness that suggests pairing with veal scallopini or veal Marsala.”

–Wine Enthusiast Magazine Expert Review

Moscato Press


“While this is a Moscato, it’s unlike most of the Moscatos out there on the market. For one thing, it’s bone dry. Without the distracting taste of honey, you can really taste the underlying citrus fruits and white flowers, as well as a stimulating minerality. The acidity is excellent.”

–Wine Enthusiast Magazine Expert Review

Il Greco Press


“Nico is one of the only wineries in California producing this Italian variety. It’s a nice, likeable wine, built along the lines of Pinot Grigio. Dry and crisp with acidity, with bright, intense lime, grapefruit and white pepper flavors, it’s an ideal apéritif.”

–Wine Enthusiast Magazine Expert Review